Defining Myself

Defining Myself A few months ago I decided to come out as an undocumented immigrant. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had carried around this secret that had weighed heavily on my shoulders for years, so much so I had simply got used to the burden and the restrictions that came with it. I … More Defining Myself



She lights up my soul. The moments were apart are the hardest but in many ways the most sincere and beautiful. When you love someone this much, it affects your state of mind, your well-being. You care about them in a way you never dreamed possible. Those moments she’s driving home fill me with dread … More Love

I am still here.

Uggghhhh I know, I know. I am such the procrastinator. I host this big old shindig to ‘launch my blog’ on my birthday, write this wonderful first post and then vanish. I only have myself to blame. As a professional procrastinator I have been ‘too busy’ to sit down and write my second blog. It’s not like I sit … More I am still here.