(Click image for video) Come sail through the Gulf of Mexico with me aboard Macushla in the 2016 Tampa to Fort Myers yacht race. 100 nautical miles through beautiful waters and gorgeous sunsets. I spent too much time editing this but its been good practice and was a lot of fun. Thanks for watching and … More Macushla

Pickets and Pigtails

The Workers Voice Tour organized by the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) stopped by the University of Florida campus in Gainesville on Friday march 11th. A group of roughly 60 people, a combination of both CIW activists and UF students, gathered and then marched to the Wendy’s restaurant located on the Gators’ campus promoting their … More Pickets and Pigtails

The Trump Show -Fear, Frenzy & Food Trucks

Dispatches from a Trump rally. Love him or loath him Donald Trump is far exceeding most pundits’ wildest expectations. He has the GOP establishment terrified and appears to have struck a chord with a specific section of society deeply upset by business as usual, gridlocked Washington politics. On Friday February 12th 2016 Mr. Trump held … More The Trump Show -Fear, Frenzy & Food Trucks

Immigration absurdity – You can’t make this stuff up!

Breaking: Homeland Letter video!   A few days ago we finally got a piece of good news. After months and months of endless paper work and back and forth between the Department of Homeland Security, my immigration attorney and myself and my wife we got two letters in the mail. Before I go any further … More Immigration absurdity – You can’t make this stuff up!